By Becca Jaye Sharples on 7th December 2017

The Only 5 Marketing Tips
You Need For Christmas!

Hello Viddyozers!

I’ve put up the tree, polished the baubles and dusted off the wreath because DECEMBER IS HERE!

So with just a few weeks to go I thought I’d share a few marketing secrets for those wanting last minute extra sparkle to make those Christmas videos shine!

After years of training brands to work with not just their products but also the holiday seasons, I have condensed my festive tips into the top 5 I know you’ll need.

You can keep these till next year too so do bookmark this guide to pull out along with your tinsel each holiday season!

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We could show picture after picture of a product till the cows come home but would you know what it did, if it was right for you, or how much it was?

Although pictures are worth a thousand words, how useless is it when those words are “huh?”, “what?”, and “so?”.

I’ve run many market research tests to prove how big brands get it so right when choosing images for their videos, social media, and marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a look at this image below, and give yourself a minute or so to guess which brand or type of brand produced it for their Instagram account…

Any ideas?

Well, here’s a few guesses or comments I’ve had in the past:

  • Sainsbury’s (UK supermarket)
  • Jamie Oliver (British chef)
  • American brand – based on the word ‘fall’
  • Thanksgiving brands
  • Food brands or supermarket
  • Alcohol brands
  • Family friendly
  • Warm and inclusive product or brand

Well, it was actually a fashion brand (which no one ever guesses!).

Australian founded brand Ugg responsible for the Ugg boot phenomenon added this image into their feed, which at the time looked a little like this:

Ugg Official Instagram

Shocked? You’re not alone!

Ugg has suffered some negative press in the past from animal activist groups arguing against the use of sheepskin lining in their boots.

So this image described by viewers in my research as ‘warm, family friendly and inclusive’ appeared to be used in order to improve their BRAND TONE.

This is so important around holiday seasons, creating atmosphere is VITAL for adapting brands and content to suit the time of year. Ugg used the scene of a Thanksgiving dinner – you can easily do this with Christmas.

You should use this theory when putting video and image ideas together – think about the atmosphere you want to create and remember that not every post or frame needs to have the product in it.


You don’t need Santa holding your product draped in holly, hanging in a stocking laced with snowflakes to know it’s a Christmas video.

Let’s look at a video where we know it’s christmas without a Santa in shot…

Uk’s Heathrow Airport hasn’t a jingle bell in sight in this heart melting video… it creates an atmosphere and develops at a good pace to the final reveal at the end of the video.

Struggling on how to avoid the standard holiday imagery? Here’s a quick guide and example!

  1. What is your brand / product?
  2. What emotion does your product or brand make the customer feel?
  3. What else gives your customer this emotion this time of year?
  4. How can we link the two in a video concept?


  1. My brand / product is an estate agent
  2. Our service makes our customer feel like they’ve found where they belong
  3. The feeling of belonging can come from family arriving for Christmas
  4. Concept: As your being shown around a prospective house, family members start arriving for the big day setting up decorations. Making you feel ‘at home’ already.

See how that worked? Have a go and let me know how you get on!


We all know Saint Nick as the jolly old man in red and white, and the traditional Christmas colours also include green (for holly, wreaths and mistletoe!)

BUT. He wasn’t always this way. Oh no, like any great fashion icon his style has evolved, and has seen him in colours such as green and even beige.

Illustration from the 1864 edition of Clement Moore’s poem A Visit from St. Nicholas – Source.

So what does this mean for those of us making video and content with logos and brand colours that don’t sit with red, green and white.

To help you out, I’ve popped below some successful winter and holiday colour palettes available with their HEX codes for you. These are a selection I’ve chosen from users at Colour Hex.

The above examples move away from some of your more traditional holiday colours and uses  more cool blues, soft pinks and deep purples – whilst remaining suitable for this time of year.


Holiday season can be a great opportunity to make extra money from video production. Some will choose this time to apply special offers, and so will your clients!

Offers don’t need to be slapped across the screen in a big red star, they can be introduced into a video in different ways.

As an example one of our users has integrated the medium of poetry!

From David Alexander posted to our Facebook User Group.

Special offers can be included into your video with many of our templates including our Intros and Alpha animations.

This will give you the edge on those who just pop the text of the deal over the top of their footage.

Regarding your own video production company offers, look into competitor deals for ideas on seasonal pricing.


Never too late or early to offer Christmas video production, some of you may be already in the process or making holiday themed content.

For many companies, and especially established brands I have worked with previously, their Christmas marketing planning begins in June.

Product making and planning can begin as early as the January before. Some of you may have started making videos months ago!

For those who aren’t super busy just yet, make sure you have things (and some spare time) on standby for last minute clients or those picking up a Christmas deal.

You can make professional looking videos fast with Viddyoze, so no excuse to not make something pro quickly to order.

Have examples stored up! Thankfully with our software it can be less than a day’s job to put together a library of draft content to show off to prospective clients.

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Are you ready??

Till next time!

The end