By Becca Jaye Sharples on 12th February 2018

Tuck Into Restaurant & Bar Videos!

Hello Viddyozers!

You may have seen our social media training mini series recently which was to help generate more leads, sales and engagement using videos and social media.

We didn’t want to waste the industries in there so we have ANOTHER industry special here, this time for Bars & Restaurants!

There’s 3 examples here and many more templates than you can imagine. To access them all click below:

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Food and drink is HUGE. It’s one of the biggest markets for our users who make video for other people rather than themselves.

If you’re looking for a good place to start with your own video or animation company, then contacting local or family run restaurants and bars is a very sturdy foundation.

For this mini promotional video below you’ll see very simply it uses just TWO templates! This takes very little time to put together and means you could make it for a business you’d like to approach as an example vid.

Taking examples to potential clients is a very good technique to show your skills, professional outputs, and lets them see first hand what their branding looks like within one of your creations.

Fun Times (TC)
Elegant Lines Logo Reveal (TC)


You do not need to worry about repeat jobs with this industry, it’s basically a given.

With holiday seasons, themed nights, new menus, even customer showcases – you’ll never be short of work if you impress them with your first project.

If the phone isn’t always ringing off the hook, be sure to map out the years calendar and approach your clients at special times of the year. The example we show below, is for a bar who has weekly recurring events – such as Tequila Tuesdays.

iPhone App Mockup
Elegant Lines Logo Reveal (TC)
Flat Ribbons Intro (TC)
Flat Ribbons Lower Third (TC)
Neon Sign – Title (TC)


Bars and restaurants have many occasions and reasons to celebrate with a competition.

Look at how competitions could help the establishment, and keep these in mind when making suggestions as mentioned above. The same applies as it does with offers – look at holidays especially.

Also, there will be personal milestones in these kind of businesses – such as a new member of staff, new menu launch, or change in management.

In the below example, choosing a new menu launch means a few things. You must remember to show off the food, give a very clear path of entry for those wanting to win, and make them feel like this is an opportunity they don’t want to miss!

Dine Time (TC)
Firework Titles (TC)
Elegant Lines Logo Reveal (TC)
Neon Titles (TC)

Till next time!

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