By Becca Jaye Sharples on 13th September 2017

Choosing Templates For Your Video – Aesthetics & Application

Hello Viddyozers!

We know each of you come from all walks of life, some with more creative backgrounds than others. What connects us all is the want to create engaging and superb looking video content.

For those venturing into these creative spaces for the first time, or perhaps searching for some extra insight, we’re here to give you a rundown of what to keep in mind!

Keep this guide bookmarked, ready to refer to every time you’re working on your video within Viddyoze.

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Market Space Analysis:

When creating your video content you need to decide on your GOLDEN NUGGET, the true key piece of your business that you think deserves a spot light in your video. How do we find this nugget??!

It’s time to dig deep. One of my favourite techniques when looking into what should be showcased in any content is ‘Inside Vs Outside The Box’. This began way back when deciphering what makes great ideas generation (an upcoming blog keep your eyes peeled!)


This is when you scope out competitors IN YOUR INDUSTRY. Let’s see what kind of videos everyone else is making, and what they’re using as their shining nugget of their business. Make notes of these and see what you’re doing better than them, and SHOUT about it.


Back in November 2016 I read of Bill Sorrentino’s move to Apple. Previously Head Of Creative at Wired Magazine, Sorrentino was involved hugely in design, photography and video production.

This is OUTSIDE thinking from Apple, bringing an industry expert from a creative not tech based background showed how the brand wanted to embrace more design based work and content and fuse it with technology and software.

To try this yourself, why not look at how totally different industries make video content. So your video is for a motorcycle shop? Why not use inspiration from dynamic, sharp and energetic gym videos to give yourself the edge.

Remember if you aren’t the business you’re making content for you can still use this! Maybe you’re a videographer creating a wedding video. Why not look into how the music industry transitions between scenes and works visuals with audio?

Color Consideration:

BLINDED BY HEX CODES – I know the feeling. If you’re using stock video and image to make up the bulk of your visuals, it can be hard to match up the colours from scene to scene. You could spend hours with filters and editing software.

Thankfully, Viddyoze allows many options for colour customisations on it’s animations. Your visuals can be of the same style, and let Viddyoze template colours stitch together your aesthetics.

Remember to assess your video as a whole. Which will be your stand out colours? What is known as a HERO colour will be your main dominating colour choice. Likely this will come from the business’s logo or brand guidelines. Choose complimenting colours to go alongside this.

A simple way to do this if you only have one colour to start with is to look at what surrounds it on a colour wheel. Some people want the colours to clash, you can do this by choosing what is directly opposite your HERO on the wheel.


Use Of Text:

The dreaded T word. Text, or ‘copy’ is make or break time for your video content. You have a few choices to make here! Viddyoze has a great selections of text based templates for you to use. When choosing these and their style, have a look at what needs to be considered:


Consumer attention span for visual content is very low these days. You need to be snappy, clear and informative all at once. Sound impossible? No way!

Keep your text amount as low as it can be whilst keeping key information. Audio can help here to say out loud what can’t be written on screen.


Be careful that the text in your video is legible. Light colours over light colours, and dark on dark, can make your text almost invisible. Keep this in mind. Have someone look over the video with fresh eyes to see if they can read the text!


Text zooming in and out can make for a very dizzy viewer, and one that may end up pausing your video to read the screen – less than ideal! Too slow though, and the can lose interest altogether.

Importance Of Consistency:

As you may have seen in our August Round ‘Em Up of Template Club releases, there are opportunities to work with sets of animation templates that are similar or the same style for consistency.

We have seen many of our creative and talented members of the Viddyoze User’s Facebook group offering advice to those submitting their posts to the page. We see a lot of first time users looking for direction, often they are given tips on keeping animations consistent throughout.

If you choose to use several styles of animations for a more dynamic look, you can customise colours in many cases to achieve a fluid colour palette.

We hope these tips will give you some extra confidence in what you create with us, and don’t forget that each month we will be featuring submitted videos that we think have been stars of the month! Send these over to

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  • Charles Davis

    Excellent article, I just reread it and I bookmarked it for future reference. The color wheel is highly important. The 1st thing that registers with a viewer is the color and if that is not selected appropriately you have lost the viewer before the video gets started.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Exactly right Charles – colour is so important!

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