By Becca Jaye Sharples on 12th December 2017

Jingle Sells! Christmas animations to make your video extra festive

Hello Viddyozers!

Or should I say, Viddy-Ho-Ho-Ho-zers!

(Feedback, been told no I shouldn’t ever say that.)


We thought we’d do a little round up of the Christmas templates available from Viddyoze and how you could use some of them.

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I’ve heard so much Christmas audio this week while making these videos, but through the jingle bells I’ve emerged with my top three ways to use the holiday templates:

Postcard messages

Holiday offers

Christmas / Seasonal products

So get your best holiday jumper on and whip out the eggnog, because here’s what you can make!


Messages to friends and family, as well as your customers are so effective as videos.

Shareable, saveable and watchable greetings cards.

Lots of the Christmas themed templates support messages perfectly, here we’ve made a little message from Viddyoze featuring some of our adventures this year! It uses ‘Holiday Seal 1’.


Through the holiday season there will be plenty of offers you or your clients will want to shout about.

Whether QR codes, coupon codes or secret exclusive links, your offers need to be displayed in an eye catching way.

You can use templates to host or intro these, maybe with a cheeky voice over from a Christmas star!


Some brands or products only arrive seasonally, and visuals of these can be hosted in templates to make a feature of them.

Whether your image is beautifully backdropped by fluttering snowflakes or incorporated into the scenes of our Live Action templates – there’s a perfect one for everyone.

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Till next time!


  • ApplePryor

    Great Christmas Templates!!! Thank you Viddyoze Team!!!

    • Hi ApplePryor, would you mind telling me where these are hiding, coz I am a member but don’t see them anywhere ??? 🙁

  • Jack Martin

    Wish they could sell these individually. My budget doesnt afford for me to do the monthly payment but if individual templates were sold I could from time to time do that. I do have the original set up of templates.

  • José António Gomes

    how do i get access to the free Christmas you are announcing templates not being a template club member… can’t figure it out

    • Gisela Beckermann

      Yes, I cannot figure it out either

      • José António Gomes

        It’s in your normal viddyoze account… it´s named fun
        I thought it would be a Christmas template… this doesn’t do anything for me but thanks anyway I guess….

  • Michal Ashkenasi

    very nice and useful ! thank you !!

    • Hi Michael, would you mind telling me where these are hiding, coz I am a member but don’t see them anywhere ??? 🙁

  • ApplePryor

    The video template names showcased in this week’s blog are located in the lower lefthand corner. The Christmas templates can be found in the “Recently Added” category and can also be found using the search browser of the Viddyoze website.

The end