By Becca Jaye Sharples on 22nd September 2017

Give out your business cards via a video experience

Hello Viddyozers!

It’s Friday again, which means only one thing (apart from obviously it’s time for gin…) IT’S FEATURE FRIDAY!

Today I wanted to focus on everyone out there working on PPD (Personal & Professional Development) either for themselves or for a client.

No matter whether a business or individual has just begun or has been around for years, everyone can gain from a little self assessment and promotion.

I went straight to ‘Business Cards 2’ – a great place to start when it comes to promoting.

This is available in Template Club, which if you haven’t joined yet don’t panic! There’s a link just below for you!

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So it’s pretty clear on the template that the sizes need to be set at 2048 x 1138 which is exactly what I popped into Photoshop:


This is extremely handy for those people who have their actual business card designs stored somewhere on their PC or Mac as they’re usually set to roughly that size. Your visual in that case is ready for you to slide in!


Although I’ve said it before, it really is true that many templates are great for ANYONE as it’s the visuals you add in rather than the template that really makes the animation work for you.

I would say it’s more about the timings of WHEN to use this template as I feel it really doesn’t restrict individuals or brands to a genre or job title even.

With that being said, when is best to use it?

I think the release of a new product or service, a new role for an individual, a new hire for a big team, some exciting announcements or to make a contact page more interactive and interesting to look at.


So would you just use this for showcasing a business card and someone’s details??

Absolutely not!

I’ve had a bit of a think of how I feel you should get this template used in your selection of assets ASAP and got them down for you below!

The obvious way to use this template is as it’s prescribed – to host a business card visual.

These are great to:

  • Include into your Facebook cover videos (yes videos are available now!)
  • Add to a ‘contact me’ page of a business or portfolio website
  • Include in an email signature
  • As part of an online bio on a website separate to your own

Maybe you’re more interested in online contacts instead of networking with a business card?

How about manipulating your LinkedIn profile information to create a small profile preview! But Becca how do we do this?! I print screened my profile and cut & paste the top section of titles, profile image and cover photo. Drop it into Photoshop and scale to fit the dimensions provided for the template. Done!

You can link to your profile beneath or within a click through during the video using an overlay.

You know what those small tickets of card also remind me of other than business cards?


Why not use the dimensions to create a small graphic to represent a coupon or discount code?

These again can be used in Facebook cover videos during a special offer period, on websites, in adverts – even sent via email or direct messenger to a customer!


Remember guys this template is available in Template Club exclusively – our membership is rapidly growing and there’s so many reasons to join including everything you’ve seen above for ‘Business Cards 2’!

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