By Becca Jaye Sharples on 16th October 2017

Take the fright out of making halloween videos with our animations

Hello Viddyozers!

It’s the second of our Halloween features, and this week we look at ‘Halloween Pumpkin Laugh’.

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He’s pretty limiting to October is our jolly pumpkin, but he doesn’t need to just host your logo!

Before we show you his many uses, here he is as you see him in the Viddyoze template demo:


If you’re low on time and are known for getting your colour matches wrong, this is the animation for you!

You only need to upload a logo and alter your magic fx swirl colour – however it’s default colour is the same as the pumpkin so it’s also fine to leave it as it is for that full spooky feel.


Halloween videos often have a cool or haunting soundtrack throughout – bear in mind this had it’s own audio and pumpkin laugh included.

If you want the laugh but not the music how about recording on your phone or laptop in a quiet room a mimic of the laugh and add in at the editing stage!


You could be anyone or any brand and want to use holidays such as Halloween as a chance to break the norm of your advertising style.

This is a very character driven template, and you must be aware of your video style and brand guidelines to make sure this fits in with your brand tone.

With that being said, I think this is a great style for the following as a starting point:
Kids brands
Food and drink
Brands with a comic / cartoon style generally


Although I see this as a Halloween template, it doesn’t just need to host your logo! I’m going to show you some alternatives, as hosting a logo example is shown in the intro to this post.


Using the logo of whoever or wherever is hosting the event, create a graphic to advertise a Halloween event.

Think about showing the location for new audiences, dates, time and if needed a dress code.


Kids LOVE Halloween.

Candy, cool costumes, and games through the night (staying up later than 10pm is a literal adult nightmare for me ha).

While running round the neighbourhood gathering treats and getting caught with tricks, why not bring some organised chaos to the table with a treasure hunt!

Get the parents involved in a Facebook group or Whatsapp chat and share each clue in a video!


Are you giving away a fangtastic blood thirsty deal that everyone should know about?!

Discounted steak maybe?

Bloody Mary cocktail offer?

Pop your deal and your logo onto graphic and wrap that up!

  • Martin Wambugu

    Great template. I love it

  • Laurence Maier

    Awesome… hope you add more holiday templates!

  • Brian K Saunders

    Excellent ideas to help me think outside the box!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Can’t wait to see what it helps you make!

  • Reagan Nolen Gillespie

    Where can you find this template? I just joined the Template Club but don’t see it.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hello Reagan, if you’re having issues please email and they will be able to see what the problem is! 🙂

  • Jon Siddall

    Template for pumpkin not showing up in my Video templates library, Im a Template club member

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Jon, it should be there we’ve just had a look for you! If you’re having issues please email and they will be able to see what the problem is! 🙂

  • Rob Hernandez

    If you can’t find it, just enter this phrase into the search bar that is located near the top of the page: Halloween Pumpkin Laugh

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