By Becca Jaye Sharples on 13th October 2017

Let’s get spooky, with an animation that will SHAKE your video content



Hello Viddyozers!

Another Friday, another Featured Template – and in the coming weeks we’ll be looking at some spooky kooky templates that can be used for your Halloween videos!

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Not always used for spooky videos, the ‘Twitchy Logo’ animation is pretty versatile. We’re going to show you just some of the ways you can try using it! Here it is as seen on the app:


With less customisation options than some of the other templates, Twitchy Logo is extremely straight forward to set up.

The very fine lines require the pale background, this is not to say it will limit its use – the monochrome colours mean you can inject colour with your logo and it won’t impact your colour palette for the rest of the video.



Look at what can be customised per template, and imagine how your logo would look inside – test if needs be, each render takes roughly a coffee making session of 5 minutes so just get experimenting!

(I would say 90% of my renders are fails no one will ever see, don’t be afraid to trial things!)


This template is edgy, sharp and dramatic.

It does depend on the tone of voice and atmosphere of your video, so I would say the fast jolted movements lend themselves to a sense of urgency.

Perhaps a sale, even a Black Friday event!

Suggested industries I would say include:

  • Book selling
  • Ecommerce
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Music launches
  • Halloween themes


I’ve touched there a little on what situation these could be used in so let’s start with a sale advert and see where we end up!


The movements are pretty quick, which evoke a sense of urgency in the viewer.

I would think that this pace would be good to encourage a click through to a website or be enough to get the viewer stood up and walking to the quickest of your retailers on foot.


After our HUGE Halloween contest, I think you guys who entered must be well and truly in the spook season spirit!

When I first saw this template I thought SPIDER WEB and ran with the idea – you can see here the thin lines look as if they’re wrapping around our little creature!

A little out of the box thinking… goes a long way.


Ooo we all love a little tease…r.

An upcoming film release, a new book in a series, a product never seen before – getting the message in small parts raises the curiosity you need to keep everyone guessing, and enticing audiences to keep checking in for updates!

If you want to start a conversation of people guessing what your cryptic video could mean, you can include a hashtag.

Make sure you research your hashtags thoroughly before you start using them – it could be being used already and your message could get lost amongst another conversation!

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