By Becca Jaye Sharples on 15th September 2017

Launch your app or webpage on mobiles TODAY with these video ideas

Hello Viddyozers!

Every Friday we’ll be featuring a template from Viddyoze, giving you some top tips on how and when to use it.

Today we’re looking at one of our very latest releases from August which is EXCLUSIVE to our Template Club subscription. To join our infamous Template Club click below!!

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I will ALWAYS have a go at templates in these feature posts – because if I can’t do something I would never tell you guys to try it!

Granted, a quick mind map of ideas had to be done first. I wanted to show you how you can use this template other than hosting just a logo for you.

Almost everything we view on desktop we can view on a phone screen. Here I’ve visited the blog on my handset and screen shotted what I can see.

I did this because during my ideas stage I wondered on the best dimensions to use, and it clearly must be those of an iPhone screen!


I would use the above information as a little cheat if I were you – send yourself the images or sites you would like featuring on the screen. Open it on your phone and screenshot it.

Then you magically have a jpeg ready to drop into your Viddyoze template! Simply email it to yourself from your phone or place on an image hosting or sharing site such as Dropbox so you can open it on your desktop.

Of course as many of you know, you can use Viddyoze on your phone, so it’s even easier!


So which industry would this template work best for? What a question.

In the age of mobile devices (and in the shadow of the new iPhone releases) you can safely assume ALL industries can use it!

Have a website that can be used on a phone? Can you use it with an app? Does your business require communication at some point?

PERFECT. I would say that’s just about all of you?

Dog groomers, construction companies, church groups, dental nurses… you all use your phones and so do your clients!


Now what sort of a video would you be showing your brand or site on a phone screen?


By showing your logo or site on this template in an advert, you are showing viewers that your business or service is available on phones. You can also show how easy it is to access, or display a webpage you want them to visit via their phone.


We carry our phones almost everywhere these days. Showing a special offer on a phone screens insinuates urgency, and that the customer just cannot afford to wait until the next time they’re at a computer screen to take you up on your offer – they must grab it on the go!


You could be letting people know the business is now on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. By putting their profile here as viewed on a phone it encourages them to search the brand or a featured hashtag where they may have not considered following your brand before.

Thank you all for visiting! If you use this template in an innovative way and want to be featured in a future show reel – send your videos to me at


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