By Becca Jaye Sharples on 14th March 2018

February Round Up

Hello Viddyozers!

We’re creeping into Spring, with the days getting longer and lighter, and the weather could fool us into thinking the UK has transported to a winter wonderland…

We can’t keep up, but what we can all rely on is our consistently brilliant animation team bringing stunning new creations month after month.

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THIS, I think is incredibly clever.

At first I queried Relja our Head of Animation, “why isn’t this Live Action labelled properly?”

He said “no Becca, it’s a 2D image, we just added some cool complicated effects to make it look like a 3D environment.”

What. Even.

This opens up so many possibilities for us, and I can’t wait to see what else we make with these techniques.

‘Flour and Dough’

This one, now this one IS a Live Action, we couldn’t make a technique fancy enough to replicate actual baking actions.

The main reason this one is my fav from Feb is because it’s great for Mother’s Day, (in the UK) and worth a mention with all the downloads we got on the days leading up to it!

I’m very impressed with how the flour looks over the logo – lots of hard work again from our live action team.


It’s that time again, it’s over to you guys!

It has been so impressive so far the level of interest we’ve had – and if you want the chance to be featured next month simply send your Viddyoze creations to me at

Let’s look at my fav this month from Terri Stevenson in our Facebook User Group:


Without further or do, here’s what February brought us!

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Till next time!

The end