By Becca Jaye Sharples on 22nd February 2018

Hair Salon & Barber Shop Videos – Be A Snip Above The Rest!

Hello Viddyozers!

We may not be fully qualified hair stylists, and we’re not great at beard trims, but alas we’re BLOODY BRILLIANT and making animations suited to your video needs!

So we’ve put together two videos, one for Hair Salons and one for Barbers and show off some of the more creative uses for our templates!

You may not have all the templates you see here today but do not despair – the little blue button is here (he’s there below!)

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With salons offering HUGE variety in their treatments and services these days, it’s important to show them all off in your brand videos.

Just as with our Home Improvement video we’ve decided to take a few hand picked services and express them in the medium of animations.

With some out of box thinking, and focussing on the action of the template rather than it’s initial style, we’ve put together a mix of templates to engage a viewer.

If you’re unsure how to introduce a series of services that a business may offer, I like to use search engine animations to ask a question. The answers follow this in a series of animated service names.

I also decided to include some real life salon images, as a large part of choosing a stylist for most people is the person themselves.

Feeling like a personal approach has been made in the video invites the potential customer to look into who and what they will be met with on their visit.

This is reassuring for a viewer, and also builds brand tone and introduces ‘characters’ or employees in a fun way.

Rainy Window
Lines World
Geoparticular Title
Star In Sand
Ink Drop Title
Fluid Cube Titles – Transparent
Title Construction
Image Search Engine
YouTube Audio Library

With beards back on trend, a curled moustache all the rage, and a slicked back quiff swiftly over taking the man-bun, it’s time to take men’s hair seriously.

With barbers now producing their own beard oils, having signature fades, and bringing vintage branding back, there’s a great gap here for making them promo videos that move with the times.

In this scenario, we’re looking at barbers who get high tech – those bringing out online booking and even mobile apps. This branding looks at the traditional red and white barber pole colours, tying this old retro visual to the new age of technology.

As this market is generally men in their 20-40’s, there’s a bit of humour added in. The video starts with an offer of a date, and ends in a difficult scenario for the character – this is a nice narrative loop.

By narrative loop, I’m referring to opening a story in the start of the video (receiving a text about a date) and ending the video with a twist in this continued narrative.

This ties the video together and ends it on a laugh to identify with the viewer and make it a memorable watch for them.

Man Texting
Text Pop Two Lines
Text Pop Three Lines
Man Picks Up Phone
Iphone App Mockup
Thick Highlight 3 Lines
YouTube Audio Library

‘Till next time!

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  • Irisa Zeltina-Skjervø

    I really liked hair salon demo & music. Dear Becca, I was going through nearly all the YouTube music library, but did not succeed to find that one. May be you can give some clues(name, genre or mood) where to find it. Thank You in advance.

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