By Becca Jaye Sharples on 30th January 2018

These DIY video ideas will take your home improvement brand to the next level

Hello Viddyozers!

We had a very busy thread in our Facebook User Group as I asked members to send requests for the next Industry Template Feature, and here we are!

These blogs have their own section on the blog which you can find here.

As usual, I’ve poured through our 700+ templates looking for templates that you may never have thought of using for this specific industry… to show you all how diverse and creative you can be with our templates.

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There are THREE examples in this one just like our Therapy blog – so there’s something for everyone!

I have used a few more templates than usual in this post! Keep an eye on each video where I’ll name every single one used.

I wanted to show you how we can use some of the more obvious templates alongside some that may be a little more out there to create a successful mix.


As I mentioned just a moment ago, I wanted to really explore the obvious versus the out of box thinking.

For home improvements as a whole I have chosen 3 different topics to cover – electrics, unfinished DIY jobs, and painting.

Each template was chosen specifically to match the service mentioned per clip – but the ‘Ink Drop Title’ for example would not necessarily be your first choice when looking for ‘paint’.

If you dropped by our webinar we chatted about future feature plans we are working on including tagging templates with key words, which should hopefully inspire this kind of creative thinking when choosing templates in future.

When visiting local supermarkets, malls and any community based space I see bulletin boards with pinned adverts for local tradesmen and services.

This ‘Bulletin Board Intro’ (which comes in 3 lengths) was perfect for introducing my brand! I did however cut off the end where a logo was to show – I wanted to save this for my final template.

The ‘DIY’ template is one of the most clearly obvious in its use – but I still wanted to include it here as I was looking for a logo stinger that filled the screen.

Neon Sign – Title
Industrial Text
Ink Drop Title
Bulletin Board Intro – Single


Special offers can be seasonal too, not just a holiday like Christmas. They can also apply to cold weather, football or sporting seasons, tax dates, big financial events or even around celebrity events like weddings or music launches.

I decided to focus here on boiler repair and testing in the colder months. These can vary per country so keep this in mind if you make videos for clients world wide!

I decided to focus on cool blues, white and silvers to show not only cold weather but to reflect the pipes and materials involved in the jobs.

You can alter this to fit the season or event, or in fact the logo you’ll be using for the business. Make sure you don’t lose consistency here or it could look messy.

Particle Form Quotes (TC)
Product Sale (TC)
Flat Five Star Rating (TC)
Rainy Glass Title (TC)
Simple Quote (TC)


You don’t need to keep competitions to just one platform – consider driving traffic not just to your website but to your other social media pages too.

Here I’ve produced a video for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or websites, that leads the viewer to check out the YouTube channel in order to join in the competition.

The video needed to be Easter themed, so I used some templates made especially for this holiday, alongside others that were specially chosen and edited to have consistent colours and good speed for reading all the details included.

There isn’t always perfect templates when you first look – but remember to check each one out as we have many options to customise them.

Five Bullet Points – Fast (TC)
Easter Egg Meadow (TC)
Epiphany Intro (TC)
Text Pop Three Lines (TC)
Gold Social Icons – YouTube (TC)


We’d love to hear which industries you guys would like me to experiment with next, and we’re always looking for video creations for our monthly showcase!

To send either in, simple email me at

Till next time!

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