By Becca Jaye Sharples on 30th October 2017

Howick House of Terror
(behind the scenes!)

Hello Viddyozers!

Last week we received an invite to a Halloween extravaganza near our offices here in the UK.

I’m not gunna lie, I’m behind a cushion watching ghost videos on YouTube… so of course I was the first choice for sending down to visit the award winning Horwick Haunted House.

The Walton family from Preston will be opening their doors to literally thousands of people, where their home has been transformed into a house of horrors, all in the name of the Cancer Research charity!

With over £20,000 said to have been spent on the family’s terrifying transformation over the years, and travelling around the U.S for some of the most sought after props in the scare attraction business, we just had to visit.

We decided to make them a promo video to push their message out there and help them raise as much money as possible.


We arrived and I won’t lie, it was as we got out of the car that I grabbed onto someone’s arm to hide – remind me again why I was chosen to investigate?

I think the main theme of the inside rooms were the creepiest, 2 main open space areas with various clown characters dripping with horror.


“It’s  a lot about clowns this year since Pennywise from IT became popular…”

Chris laughed as he started to switch on the props. I was not laughing.

I was intrigued (once I’d befriended a few of the clown men) as to why Chris and his family started a charity event hosting this ever evolving attraction year on year.


“Honestly it wasn’t for a particularly personal reason, we just believe it was a good thing to do raising money for charity”

And he goes on to explain how supportive Cancer Research is of this spooky way to raise funds – they were even told what their money went to last year. Hearing the specific equipment that they have helped purchase really makes it worthwhile for the Walton’s.

It has become a year round fascination for the family, as they travel for months on end across the U.S scouring attractions and conventions for the most elusive props.

Chris does a lot of the mechanics himself – confessing the creative part of him isn’t the strongest but if you give him a mask or model it becomes his mission to make it move in the most gruesome ways he can.

Teaching himself to weld, and working with friends and family to make lighting rigs and sound effects they create many elements by hand.

We saw some sneak peaks at the mechanisms inside some of his home made props – it was crazy stripping back to the skeletons (ha) of each of one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still stupid scared of each and every one no matter how much of their insides I’d seen!


My first worry after walk round the entire spectacular thing (aside from wondering what was following us) was what on earth do the neighbours think!


“They’re really good about it all, we send out a letter to give notice – some even come and help us out now!”

I find it hard to believe anyone could get all the way round without shaking in their boots but I asked anyway…


“Ha! Well we have a lot of young guys come in sometimes and they might hold their nerve most of the way round but they always jump somewhere! Honestly, after they have completed all the separate rooms, it’s the outdoor fully constructed maze that get EVERYONE, no matter who you are!”

Did I go in the maze? Did I heck. But we did send our camera guy round – the screams and the way he ran out of the end confirmed I’d made the right choice hanging out by the exit.


There’s a few of the rooms I definitely won’t forget in a hurry, but I can’t think of a better reason to scare yourself silly than for charity.

If you’re able to visit I highly recommend, there’s honestly a room for everyone!

And if you’re far away, but want to get involved anyway then get in touch and we’ll pass on your details to Chris for you to donate.

We’ll be posting the full promo to you guys soon, we can’t wait to show you!

From everyone here at Viddyoze, have a fun, safe and spooktastic halloween.

The end