By Becca Jaye Sharples on 8th January 2018

Industry Template Feature
‘Cosmetics &Skincare’

Hello Viddyozers!

Did you catch our first Industry Template Feature?

If you didn’t, to catch you up we’re writing industry specific blogs to help guide you on your use of templates you may once have thought ‘don’t suit my client’.

These blogs have their own section on the blog which you can find here.

Today we’re looking at Cosmetics & Skincare and have gone through 700+ of our templates to choose ones that may surprise you as being useful!

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As usual for my planning, we’re starting with colour!



I’ve separated these two colour palettes as I feel skincare lends itself to a more clinical and fresh feel, whereas cosmetics sits with warmer and sometimes more colourful tones.

I have made a video for each, and chosen the following 3 templates from very different style backgrounds, to show you how they can be manipulated to work together.


  1. Brush Stroke Titles
  2. Color Logo
  3. iPhone on the Table


  1. Fluid Cube Titles – Transparent
  2. Sphere Flower
  3. Paint Splash

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To catch my watchers attention I ask them an easy question. I made it quite vague to cosmetics in general as they may find something else from my brand they may like later down the line.

I wanted to focus on an issue that could be quite common – so with a little bit of research I discovered the number one topic of conversation in the beauty world is lack of shades, specifically in foundation.

I made sure that I chose templates that didn’t reflect ‘cosmetics’ as such, but instead reflected ‘variety of colour’.

I stuck to my colour palette, but in the final clip I used a Live Action template, which gave a slightly different feel to end the short video – to emphasize the use of the phone based app as a ‘new feature’.



It was important to me, to keep a cleaner, fresher almost scientific feel to this video is contrast to the cosmetics one.

The skincare industry focuses more on natural, free from chemicals, fresh and simple ingredients.

I chose my templates based on the elements of the products I want to highlight – hydrating, natural, and backed with scientific research. For this I looked for visuals of fluids, flowers, tech, crisp whites and searched for a soothing soundtrack.

The colour palette again was important, using the pale pink and pale green from my chosen plans as my key colours. To surround these I used black and whites in large spaces to highlight the colours chosen.


We’d love to hear which industries you guys would like me to experiment with next, and we’re always looking for video creations for our monthly showcase!

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