By Becca Jaye Sharples on 4th January 2018

Video ideas for your medical business that will leave you breathless

Hello Viddyozers!

Welcome to 2018!

Have a specific industry or client you need templates for??

There are many users looking for specific themes or visuals and we KNOW our software supports EVERYONE!

So, in addition to our individual Featured Templates, we wanted to give you guys Industry Template Features. (These will have their own blog section!)

This will be several template animations from Viddyoze which have been handpicked based on industry requests we receive.

To show you how they’ll work we’re starting with Medical & Health Care and have gone through 700+ of our templates to choose ones we think would work great.

Don’t have that many templates in your account? It could be that you’ve not joined us in Template Club! Don’t worry though, you still can by clicking the button below:

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My first piece of advice is always PLAN and a key aspect of syncing your template choices is COLOUR.

Aside from traditional greens, key colours could include white, blue, grey and small amounts of red. Be aware that if the logo you are using has different colours, it is important to integrate these carefully to avoid clashes.

I have chosen the following 3 templates from very different style backgrounds, to show you how they can be manipulated to work together. They are:

Texting Bubbles Left Angle

Dynamic Menu Left

Search Engine

[The bottom two are from our Template Club mentioned earlier.]



I have chosen to use a specific blue code: #addaec in the animations to keep my video consistent.

By using the Text Bubbles animation to create a conversation, it opens the video with a question, to which my brand will be the answer.

To add extra information about what my brand is and why it will be helpful to the viewer, I have used Dynamic Menu Left which allows a large text box and header.

In order to reiterate the question and as a way to introduce the logo and website, I have used Search Engine as a natural way someone may act following the text messages… “Thanks, I’ll Google it!”

It’s also fairly open in content and can therefore be used as an outro for any of this brands videos in the future.


We’d love to hear which industries you guys would like me to experiment with next, and we’re always looking for video creations for our monthly showcase!

To send either in, simple email me at

Till next time!

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  • Michael Bell

    Thanks for the post, i struggle with my creativity sometimes

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Michael – I love making these especially when I hear they’re helpful for people who may be struggling. If you think of anything else you would like to see email me!

  • Thanks, you gave me some good ideas for a project I’m just starting.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Great to hear! Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  • You can keep sharing these great template ideas as it sparks creative ways to use Viddyoze for any industry, thanks!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Lynn – glad you enjoyed! Can’t wait to get on more of these for you guys 🙂

  • Thanks Becca, this is so helpful to see creative ways to use the templates. Thanks for the tips on color coding as well. Inspiring!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      No problem Evan – colour is always top of my agenda!

  • xavibgood

    Great job Becca entirely helpful. Thanks a lot and have a prosper 2018 you all!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      You’re very welcome – exciting times ahead!

  • Mark Berkowitz

    AS a doctor who runs a medical spa and a viddyoze user I’d love to see more cosmetic procedureal videos

  • Would like to see one for the Asphalt Sealant Services like crack repair and stripping, pot holes, asphalt…;-)

  • my niche is unusual . I invented a lifesaving Portable USB Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that holds all a person’s medical history for use in a medical emergency, accident, natural disaster or as a data base for your own record keeping. it is 100% waterproof, and holds up t 4gb’s of data (larger storage gigs can be gotten too ).
    Simply put if you are in an accident and are in shock or unconscious the EMTs can plug your Medi-Chip bracelet, necklace, key ring or credit card style into their computer in the ambulance and instantly by clicking on the Medical Personnel tab access your records in a read only format, they can’t add, delete or copy your data but can see whatever you have on the program so they know what allergies, meds illnesses or conditions you might have so they know how to treat you . What niche would you put me in???? Norman

  • Charles Davis

    Great use of Viddyoze. I really like it when you produce a video. Sometimes I struggle with creative use of Viddyoze. This gave me ideas THANKS

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Always a pleasure Charles – can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

  • Sam

    Where do you get the music tho…

    • jimmysantos

      True that!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      I sourced this from Purple Planet – free music on particular parts of their site! 🙂 Hope this helps!

  • Starman

    Excellent! Thank you!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Denise MacPherson

    Loving the creative ideas to use the various templates!
    Suggestion: When you name the templates in the blog, can you also mention what section they would be found under? In the future, if we can’t remember what they are called, we may remember the section to refind it again (especially as the number of templates increase monthly).

  • Jan Holm

    Awesome Becca. I’m particular interested in the online/internet marketing/affiliate /network marketing space/niche for viddyoze templates . . .

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Jan, I’ll add it to my list!

  • Shade Odeinde

    I really love this! It’s awesome to see you put together a video using what we already have access to. Sometimes things just look quite complicated and it’s really helpful to see things put together. More of this please!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      We’ve some more on the way already I’ve been super pumped to make more of these! 🙂 keep eyes peeled and thanks for the comments!

  • Simon Hearn

    awesome this love it

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Thanks Simon!

  • Jose Mateo

    Thank you for this Becca, it’s really awesome. This sparks the creative choices on me from Viddyoze templates to think about what could offer to different industries starting from this example. Have a wonderful year you too! Thank you.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Jose I am glad this sparks the creative in you! Let me know what you make, and have a great year!

  • Carol A Santella

    It would be great if you could do a quick step by step as to how you did this great vid. Are they all separate and edited together or ?

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Carol! Yes of course I can advise here for sure – I made three separate templates on the Viddyoze app online. I downloaded them all individually and uploaded to the free video editor HitFilmExpress. I then used free music from Purple Planet and added this in as well. I exported this as one clip to my MacBook and uploaded to my Vimeo account. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Steve Hardy

        What are the names of the templates? I’m in the TC and nothing comes up when I search medical, medicine, health, doctor, etc.

        • Becca Jaye Sharples

          Hello Steve – I always name templates used, and have done so in this blog just before the video is shown. Incase you missed it the names are: ‘Texting Bubbles Left Angle’, ‘Dynamic Menu Left’ and ‘Search Engine’.

  • John

    Excellent work Becca. This gave me a few ideas of how use many other templates. I’m actually editing one right now for a drug testing company. Thank you!!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Thanks John! Let me know what you make I would love to see!

      • John

        I am still a little embarrassed to post anything, always thinking it could be better and it never looks professional enough, but this is what I did. . I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks Becca.

        • Becca Jaye Sharples

          John, I really like this! I think you should definitely share this to the group – maybe add a note that you used this post to assist and let people know you’re just starting out with sharing. People are more than happy to help!

  • Helene

    It would be great if you could edit the skin colors for doctors and patients. Faces are tricky, but your examples are just hands and arms, which should work with different skin tones.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hello Helene, I will pass this onto the team 🙂

  • Dean Hull

    Enjoy the blog, but the link to Creating Videos For Attorneys, Lawyers Or Professional Services? Just brought me here to the Medical

  • Judy Orr

    Your link to Professional Services goes to the medical & health care page.

  • Nick

    I really love the inspiration and help your giving Becca xx

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      I’m glad you’re enjoying them! 🙂

  • Tony Genova

    Becca, Any chance of getting some templates for the Marijuana Industry. that market is exploding in the USA, Canada and now Mexico is talking about making it legal.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Tony! We can’t always cover everyone’s requests – but for most industries that we haven’t directly made templates for it’s about being creative with colours and audio, even the fonts used. Viddyoze is for complimenting your video creations so any footage you have that suit your chosen industry is the most important core of a video – we are a tool to make everything look extra pro 🙂

The end