By Becca Jaye Sharples on 29th January 2018

Real estate videos that make your business look so at home

Hello Viddyozers!

I’ve been back into my request archive for our Industry Template Features, and pulled Real Estate and Property out of the bag!

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For any newbies to these posts, we go out of the box and show you how diverse Viddyoze templates can be by picking ones you may not have immediately put with the chosen industry.

As usual, I’ve sifted through our 700+ templates looking for inspiration!

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So let’s begin!

Colours for real estate are tricky – you’re looking for stability, commitment and maturity. (Just like buying a new place!)

[image from]

Industry leading real estate is focusing a lot on blues – but as always keep in mind the colour of the logo you will be using and compliment this.

Real estate  should have a strong corporate feel as it’s big business globally, but I have chosen to keep some more ‘homely’ template styles to balance the audience.

Mobile Website Search – Image

Abstract Room


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With real estate and property selling being such a competitive industry, you want your business to look like the top choice.

I used ‘Mobile Website Search’ to portray this visually, with my real estate company website appearing as the ‘top result’ in an online query search.

Instead of showing the website full screen I used the image space to display the property as it may appear in a brochure or printed advertisement. This was to introduce the front of the house, so that my next template could show just the interiors.

The ‘Abstract Room’ was perfect to show the inside of the property, room by room.

I kept the background white to show off the images, equally a dark blue could have worked well too. The lines within the template were three tones of blue, to go with the logo show at the close of the video.

The final template used was ‘Journey’ – a perfect way to show the USP of my real estate agents, they are global!

Your agents not all over the world? You can easily adjust this to say something like “finding you a home that makes you feel like you’re in Paris, NY, London…” etc.


We’d love to hear which industries you guys would like me to experiment with next, and we’re always looking for video creations for our monthly showcase!

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Till next time!

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  • Doug Long

    Well done

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Thanks Doug – always great to see our user group reading the blog!!

  • Charles Davis

    You did it again…thanks

  • Tyler Lebens

    I would be great if you would provide the “Dynamic Words” template that travels in the other direction. By having a choice, we would have the ability to have the text scroll one way with one phrase and the other way with the next, and back again etc…. Also the color scheme could be played with from one to the next. It would be easy to build an entire video around two directions of text and sprinkle in other templates as well. Great job everyone 🙂

    • Harry Jamison

      good idea

      • Becca Jaye Sharples

        Hey Harry – we hope these ideas are helping you with video making! Inspiration is our goal!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey Tyler! We’re always looking into these kinda of advancements – be sure to pop it onto the user group request thread if you haven’t already!

  • John

    Becca! You never cease to amaze me! Great job!!

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey John! You guys reading are what make it all worth it!

  • Clive Agate

    Awewsome Becca 🙂

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hopefully we’ll see lots more new videos for Real Estate on the group too – great to see what people have made from these posts!

  • Harry Jamison


  • Becca, you rock! Love the way you used the abstract room template to do a virtual tour. It has a feeling of motion like a drone video and is more visually engaging than a simple slideshow. Thank you so much for doing these demo videos, it totally helps get the ideas flowing on how I can better serve my real estate agent clients.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Evan hello! Yes drone video is a good way to describe it!! Well that’s all I can hope for, giving fresh ideas for you guys. Have a great day!

  • Gregory Conran

    Ill do a bunch of difffernt industries for you if you give me free template club…LOL

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Haha Gregory nice try! 🙂 🙂

  • Nick

    Becca thank you so much, you really do inspire us 🙂 xxx

  • Perfect timing Becca as I was talking with a Realtor about marketing with video and this is a great idea I can quickly share. Thanks for these great ideas!!!

  • David Moon

    Becca, what is the name of that first search template you used in the opening of your vide?

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hey David, the template names are in the blog post as always! 🙂 They are: Mobile Website Search – Image, Abstract Room, Journey

      • David Moon

        Thanks Becca, I couldn’t find them, but then realized my account was missing most templates. Prim in support fixed me up in no time!

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  • Joe Martin

    Can you share what the name of the music clip was?

  • DAS10

    would you have a suggestion for the templates to use (or where to locate them) for a Real estate Agent or office trying to dominate their “local” market?

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      There are lots of great options! 🙂 have you joined our FB user group? You can always ask for ideas there 🙂

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