By Becca Jaye Sharples on 2nd February 2018

New Year – New You… and new video goodies for 2018!

Hello Viddyozers!

Welcome to January the 38th!

Joking it’s February… but it did feel like month was never going to end! We brought in 2018 with awesome new features and templates to top the rest.

You might just have a standard account right now  without Template Club, and that’s cool! Sort of… But it’s a new year, and a new you – one that NEEDS these amazing template releases and over 700 others…

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‘Dynamic Words’


I’ve personally been a HUGE fan of moving/kinetic text for a long time. They’re kind of hypnotic to watch and you can get a bit caught up on an evening watching 100’s…

Just me?

Anyhoo, Dynamic Words is one of the first experiments we’re doing with these types of animation. Very technically challenging to create and yet extremely pro looking!

You can put lots of characters in – however we had someone in our Facebook User group who said he would set the optimal word input at 5 for speed, ending on a bold font, and readability.


*Epiphany Logo* (Logo)
*Epiphany Lower Third* (Alpha)
*Epiphany Intro* (Intro)
*Epiphany Title* (Title)
*Epiphany Transition* (Transition, Alpha)

I love these little collections of templates and this is probably the most complete so I’ve called this a ‘family.’

In this template family, we see almost every animation type and you could fill an entire video with them back to back.

With the ability to change the featured colour – the restrictions on these are minimal regarding who can use them and for what.

We’ve already seen examples from users of make-up artists, real estate, and photography portfolios.


It’s that time again, it’s over to you guys!

It has been so impressive so far the level of interest we’ve had – and if you want the chance to be featured next month simply send your Viddyoze creations to me at

First up it’s Harry Smith, and his video for an inflatables company.

Did you hear about the boy who sat on the bouncy castle with a pocket full of pins… he let everyone down….

Aha! But seriously, Harry did a great job here or showing the user journey – explaining exactly how to book, providing call to actions and highlighting relevant buttons.

Next up Jim Bortzfield shared a video he made for his realtor partner for their new listing.

Jim says he got inspiration from our Real Estate post which is part of our blog series which aims to highlight industries and how to advertise for them.


Without further or do, here’s what January brought us!

(Hold on, you’re not part of ‘us’ yet?)… No drama, I’ve brought you a little blue button of hope for you to click through…

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The end