By Becca Jaye Sharples on 9th October 2017

Post Production

Hello Viddyozers!

I recently read an article whilst editing a portrait photoshoot, entitled “How to remove dark circles and bags from under the eyes”.

Upon opening the article I realised that this was not a Photoshop tutorial as expected – in fact it just said in large letters

‘get more sleep and drink plenty of water’

Aside from laughing to myself, I guess you could say it was then I realised how much focus I had put on post production rather PREVENTION and PREPARATION.

With that in mind, let’s have a delve into how to plan and prep creating your content, as opposed to a magic fix in the editing stage.


Very important.

Understanding the briefing stage of creating ANYTHING for someone, even if it’s for yourself, is key to nailing the outcome.

We’ve made a little template briefing document for you guys to download. You can take this to meet a client, email it to them, set as a downloadable form on your own webpage as an enquiry, or fill in for yourself.

Client brief

Download our client brief by clicking the button below.


Even the smallest of videos should be planned in this way – and it covers the following:


Why is the video being made? Think about it’s purpose of the video and consider the following:

– Is it to gain followers on a social media page?

– is it to sell product?

– Are you looking for more traffic to a webpage?

– Do you just want engagement on your posts?

Each of these aims would make totally different videos – from the tone of voice you use, to the links and buttons you attach to the captions and in video clicks.


Where will this video be going?

This makes a difference to how long your video should be, screen sizes, and even how it should look.

– It could be for social media (see this handy guide!)

– Maybe it’s to be placed on a website

– Are you sending it inside an email?


Who is this going to be aimed at?

If you or the client know the target audience details then you’re one step ahead. If not get yourself on some research tools and pages and find out their age, location, gender, where they shop, what sites they visit etc.

This will make a big difference to the language used, where it is placed online and when to post it.


Encourage whoever is filling these documents in, to suggest brands they would like to look, sound and feel like. Even if they aren’t in the same industry!

For example I have had many fashion brands come to me wanting to feel like unrelated brands such as Coca Cola, IKEA, and even Land Rover!

And what are you conveying?

Do you want to sound urgent, happy, emotional, humourous, educational… this will affect both visuals and audio.


Starting with a plan doesn’t mean you have to stay restricted.

Our videographers and animators may have a sudden idea explosion, or maybe something in the plan changed last minute and the team needs to adjust.

What a plan does do though, is give a sense of how you want the content to flow.

Whether you’re filming sections of your video, or making it entirely with templates and stock footage – you’ll require a draft outline.

A beginning, middle and end sounds overly simple, but that’s really the basis to storyboarding.

In more complex examples, people create frame by frame plans of what they want to make, including a script and soundtrack specified underneath each visual.


At Viddyoze when we make any of of video content, Rob our Viddyographer works closely with our copywriter and in-house team to create a flowing script.

Often this is not something we ever require to be learnt by our on screen actors or Viddyoze team off by heart or in one lump sum.

Filming often happens from several angles and can be filmed on a line by line basis, as we know not everyone (usually us!) has the training to learn an entire day’s script!

And not just voice actor scripts, but also planning soundtracks can make huge positive impact on your video and its atmosphere.


Mentioned before in our Aesthetics & Application blog, consistency in design, copy, audio and overall style make your videos look seriously pro.

Also noted in the blog above, having a colour palette can make a huge difference.

When choosing templates you can slot them together much easier if they are in the same ‘theme’ of colours.

Don’t forget when filming, keep these colours in mind – even choosing actor outfits, colour of bedding in a hotel room, liquid in a glass at a bar, coffee cup or pen in an office.

Make sure your audio isn’t bouncing up and down, and any voice overs or speaking parts aren’t drowned out by music!

It can be a real pain trying to fish through music to make your video, even hard getting it to match the style just right!

If you ever want advice, someone may just have the exact music in mind on our Facebook Viddyoze User group. Feel free to ask away for advice on anything Viddyoze related!


There’s a lot to be said about a lil’ bit of forward planning!

Don’t worry, we don’t need to cover ourselves in case of alien invasions or arctic snow in the middle of summer… Just keep a few things in mind for the day(s) of filming.

If you have actors, potentially they won’t turn up – are you prepared to step in or have anyone last minute on stand by?

The weather isn’t ideal for outdoor shooting – do you have a backup indoor location?

Before the day, consider putting the following in place:

– location recce (check out the place first for space etc)

– contingency plans (what back ups do you have?)

– timing (don’t waste time on the day have a plan in place!)

– prepping for edits (move those unwanted props from the background etc)

Best bet when knowing you’re including our Viddyoze Templates is to choose them first where you can.


Pretty much all of our templates are customisable but it can be easier to change some things as you film them, than it is to change specific things in your video editor.

You’ll likely have a few favourite and go to templates, but I urge you to step out of your comfort zones and plan ahead with some new animations and get customising them.

Take advantage of the options to change colours, and the ability to add images where it is indicated to place a logo for example.

Read this whole blog and wish you had a Viddyoze account all of your own?? FEAR NOT – here’s a link to get you started:

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