By Becca Jaye Sharples on 11th December 2017

It’s nearly Christmas, and November had some early presents…

Hello Viddyozers!

It’s December finally, and here at our British HQ we’ve the first sign of snow!

(It melted by 11am BUT we have hope still for the weekend!)

November has now passed us, where we had a whole host of irresistible new templates for your rendering pleasure.

From beach nestled text lines to show time rising stars we had show business to summertime covered.

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‘Show time Logo’

The glitz and glamour of show business gleams in this template. This guy also comes with a logo and lower thirds animation to match! Making consistency simple for you.

I have found a number of ways to use this template not just to host  a logo but also image options too.

I’ve tested in a few scenarios including on stage as a “and the nominees are…” intro featuring their photo, name and the project they were involved in. Also great as an intro and interlude image to project on stage at a talent contest between acts and as the compare speaks.

‘Graphic Cosmic Logo Reveal’

My initial thought when I saw this were “PORTAL” due to the colours… anyone not in the know about the game, might not get the phrase “the cake is a lie…”.

What isn’t a lie, is how versatile this is. By featuring two colours that sit beside each other and then visually blend it opens this animation up to uses in the competitive landscape. Sports teams head to head, the coming together or two business, even an educational way of showing chemical reactions.

The shapes and landscapes they create mean this template could also work for sci fi and science industries, even the shape at the end could be a stone for a jewellers! Have a look deep into these templates and pull out the key shapes to see what could fit your needs.


It’s that time again, it’s over to you guys!

It has been so impressive so far the level of interest we’ve had – and if you want the chance to be featured next month simply send your Viddyoze creations to me at

The first of our user showcase videos is from Frank Allan.

Frank’s video for a jet wash company caught the attention of many from our Facebook User Group who all said how imaginative it was.

Frank used an existing Viddyoze template and with his editing magic turned the liquid effect transparent. He used this to show a wall transforming into a clean and jet washed masterpiece. This was such a great way to show a before and after, mimicking the water stream over the shots!

Next video up is from Troy Stavros, who said this on our user group:

“Seriously. The timing couldn’t have been better on this new live action video release, as we just released this original Christmas song!”

There’s a wonderful run of kinetic text showing the lyrics of the song. This looks great alongside our live action templates.


Are you ready to see the full November batch in all it’s template released glory?!

Well before that… if you weren’t on board before, I guarantee you are now! So here’s a handy button to take you to the sign up.

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  • Ramjet

    I counted less than 20 new viddyoze. Part of our agreement for the Template Club was that Viddyoze would provide 20 new templates per month. I don’t recall any month receiving 20 new templates. What about everyone else? Do you agree or not? If I am mistaken, I would gladly stand corrected.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      Hello Ramjet 🙂 There are exactly 20 templates in this blogs closing video. Every month there are 20 new templates and sometimes the team even over delivers on this. I am happy to answer any other questions but we have always provided this month on month.

  • Harry Jamison

    Yo, I absolutely love the Record Live action intros. Perfect for the DJ’s.
    Y’all need a few more.

The end