By Becca Jaye Sharples on 5th September 2017

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Yee-haaaa! Time to Round ‘Em Up!

*clears throat*

I am so glad none of you can hear me do that out loud, especially our American friends. Even I’m offended.

ANYWAY welcome to our first edition of Round ‘Em Up, where we look at the newest templates uploaded to Template Club. It’s September, so we’re having a look back at August and all its additions!

Wait a minute. Did I hear some of you at the back there say you don’t…even have…Viddyoze yet…? Oh gosh. Okay let’s get that cleared up right away…


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My Favourites:

Alright now that panics over.

I am a HUGE fan of the grouping together of template styles – having intros and stingers that match lower thirds will be steps towards making your video animations way more consistent in their visuals.

The ‘Glass and Chrome’ styles seen below are such great examples of this. Their high shine and crisp lines make them perfect for use in videos about transport, construction, sales and corporate. Equally the soft movement against the strong colours would compliment a menswear video, sports and gym content.

I’m really into the inclusion of image sizes for the photo album animations too – of which we’ve brought to you in a single, double, and triple page turn for extended scenes where needed. We’ve started to do this recently – you’ll see more of this in the coming months.

Your Showcase:

It’s over to you! Major right?

Are you a freelancer working on something mind blowing with our animations?

Do you run a business and have used Viddyoze to make a visually sensational promo video?

Have you been experimenting with animations and want to show off your skills?

We want you to send us your video creations, so we can feature the cream of the crop right here in our next blog post. They really MUST include Viddyoze templates and animations, but the creative freedom lies with you!

And we’re ready for you, more than ready.

Okay, truth bomb. We aren’t quite ready enough to have a submissions page but, I’m personally ready for your submissions to pour into my inbox – so email me your videos to

Please note, by submitting to us, you’re agreeing to let us use the footage in our blog and perhaps for a showreel in the future. Which has to be good right, a bit of internet exposure!

Round ‘Em Up!

So hereeee we go!

The full collection of August releases for Template Club is below, and if you’ve not yet joined us then…


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  • SAL

    Great product you have, but it’s almost impossible to become a customer.

    There are so many strange things that make it smell like spam. Potential customers get scared. (My friends gave up!? even after I said …it´s great..when you first get in….)

    I am a customer and am very satisfied, but I understand those who say they have to give up halfway because it gets too much fuzz!

    Question: Why do not you sell your product, like a “normal product” eg through AppleStore? and have simpler subscription schemes like Netflix!

    Your kind of “desperate online advertising campaigns” are just comic at times.

    Your product is top, but the sales channel you use is really bad.

    You could also easily have sold “one and one template”?

    PS: Great that we as your customers ..still get a few refills on our existing purchases.. good service of you – thank you very much!


  • Charlie d’Estries

    Great content, amazing templates, fair pricing. Keep doing what you’re doing guys.

    One suggestion: after selecting and rendering a template, it’d be nice to have the name of the template right there so we don’t have to go looking for it if we want to use it again.

    Also, not that you need more ideas for templates, but if you could add more ‘science’ templates (I am in the life science and tech world) that would also be awesome! Thanks again, Charlie

  • Ashley Eatly

    I’m really glad to see this blog – I’m at an irritating point where my day job which I thought I was going to leave to ‘do my own thing’ is starting to get busier again and I’m starting to develop some interesting things…. after what I must add has been at least 6 years of mundane. I now have to get my wife more involved and able to take some control of things and develop the ‘family business’

    I’ve invested in many of your product lines and in many other things that have come my way Explainer video ‘stuff’ Themes for websites etc. etc. quite a few aborted mentoring groups… as I say I’ve been procrastinating and learning skills and the jump from employment back to self-employment has not come.

    I’ve been going through process of slimming down my regular payments for clubs and things – in an attempt of reducing the number of things that I have in our portfolio and We should now be getting attempting to get a ROI.

    I’ve stuck with Viddyoze and the other products as I really like the idea of being able to sell these services at first as a supplement to my family income alongside the day job and as time passes as a replacement.

    I am pretty disappointed in many things that have been sold to me via the various sales funnels not maybe so much the product but the fact that you seem to have no further interactions after they have the sale and the OTO’s and training… they promise so much and you buy into the excitement – and then there is little follow up – and then you find you are being addressed to buy either the same item or something that is the new best thing… but in between you are forgotten (not saying that some is not my fault).

    So I am glad that efforts are being made to create this blog and to generate interest in the outputs and things you can do with the tools – above the facebook and other social things that seem to be rarely posted to with other products.

    Thank you Viddyoze and lets hope that We start getting ourselves together to get that ROI and make some deserved income and living from the facilities. I’m sure all it needs is something to start earning and things will be in a happier place.

    I love Viddyoze etc.

The end