By Becca Jaye Sharples on 3rd November 2017

October animations that gave us some serious spooks!

Hello Viddyozers!

Where’s the year going?!

November is here already, anyone have their Christmas tree up?

With another Halloween behind us, October brought some of my favourite templates so far.

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‘Tapedeck (Live Action)’

Who doesn’t love a bit of retro?!

I’ve seen some people on our Facebook User Group using this already and I have to say, they’re looking pretty impressive!

So many uses for this one, as it could be used to show the start of your video sound track, it doesn’t need to visually be that related!

Some perfect occasions to use it though would be:

  • Radio station
  • Retro fashion retailer
  • Event announcements
  • Looking back in time video
  • Birthday and commemorative
  • Film title opening
  • Releasing music
  • Poetry reading or advert

‘Halloween Tombstone (Title)’

We can’t possibly do an October Round Up without one of our new Halloween templates!

This animation looks almost live action, with it’s crisp lines and smooth camera pan.

It’s made for a title as mentioned in the app, and on this template that means it can host a message of 4 lines.

It’s quite a large surface area really, so you can put a fairly decent message length there. Always test it though, you aren’t charged by render guys so experiment as much as you want!

I know Halloween has gone now, but you can always be making up test examples and demos for next year, showing that you cater for seasons and holidays is a great selling point when looking to attract clients.



It’s that time again, it’s over to you guys!

It has been so impressive so far the level of interest we’ve had – and if you want the chance to be featured next month simply send your Viddyoze creations to me at

We have to include some halloween video content, especially when the editing was clearly very time consuming!

David Newman created this advert for a club hosting a spooky night, the soundtrack really reflects the night and the editing for the DJ’s faces to look more ghoulish works really well!

Jon Hille has created a great dummy video for those looking to use his creations for fitness and personal training videos.

Sometimes layering templates back to back can look a little too cluttered, but these live action bundles work really well together to the visuals gel throughout.



Are you ready to see the October releases in full?!

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The end