By Becca Jaye Sharples on 6th April 2018

6 Steps To Set Up Your Video Agency!

So you want to run your own video agency?!

Let’s say you’re pretty confident you can make some awesome videos but have no idea where to start with YOUR OWN VIDEO AGENCY.

Sound like you?

Or maybe you’ve seen companies screaming out for cool animations and videos, but don’t know how to approach them?

And how do you transform these one off sales into a full business for yourself? 

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Once this has happened, often people set up an online presence, selling animations as single products.

BUT – some users go to the next level – they produce footage or use clients own footage to create FULL VIDEOS with Viddyoze sprinkled in.

So you want to start making potentially THOUSANDS in video creations in just 6 Steps? Let’s not waste a second more…


Let’s say that from today, right this second, you call yourself a Video Agency.

You’re producing or capable of producing amazing videos for other people, so have the confidence to market yourself in this way.

A store by one of our users Alan Howell

To start with you’re going to need a dynamic, exciting and awe inspiring way to show everyone – so let’s set up a website!

You need at the very least a landing page – somewhere to host a portfolio of clients or experimental work you’ve produced.

You can use the following checklist to make sure you’re on the right track!


As humans, we’re incredibly visual – it’s almost second nature when speaking to someone about a product or service that we ask “can I see an example?”.

This is almost always the case for several reasons:

  • We want to see the quality of what can be produced
  • We are looking for reassurance that this is an established company
  • Examples often come with reviews – these are also important to us

Now this is the fun part – creating examples and showreels for your video agency!

You can do this in lots of ways – I’m going to give you a few ideas to start you off.

Watermarking can come in many forms, often as a logo or word displayed over your video in a reduced transparency.
This means that it cannot be downloaded and used for another purpose without your permission.
This can be used to show a client a sneak peak with their branding (we have ‘alpha’ animations that do exactly this!).

These can look most impressive, and can be used as an advert to send out, host on your social channels, or be the opening video on your sales page. This needs to show how dynamic and impressive your animations are – go big or go home!

Some templates are more obvious than other as to who they will suit. However with a bit of creative thinking you can easily put together some hypothetical examples – especially if you have a company in mind to target! Fitness, food and drink, fashion, the list goes on… here’s a restaurant example:

In a slightly longer video (or several short ones) you can showcase Live Action separate to Overlays, Intros, and Lower Thirds for example. This is because customers may be looking for something specific and want to browse what is available in each of your sections. Here’s an example showing just Live Action templates:


A great start is to get out the phone book (or Google!) and look at your local businesses, charities or social groups.

Once you’ve got the hang of speaking to the friendly neighbourhood businesses, you’ll have the confidence to contact further afield via emails and social media.

Ideally, we want the custom to come to you – but with the world changing and people looking for easy and high quality solutions arriving on their doorstep, sometimes you have to start by doing the reaching out yourself.


We believe that the best time to sell directly is when the person asks YOU about it.

To get them to ask YOU for work, see how you can make your social media enticing in Step 6…

But, how do we contact people if we have to?

I think it’s important to not waste people’s’ time when reaching out to clients by dancing around the point, but do not be abrupt or forceful in your approach.

Start by assessing their situation, what do you think your video agency could help them with?

Consider the following script:

This works for several reasons, and I’m going to break it down for you:

It really is worth spending some time making a mockup of what you could make them and send it them with a watermark on (as mentioned above!).

This wets their appetite and shows them you have spent time looking into their needs and brand tone.

Make sure you have a clear contact form or details available when you speak to people or are directing them to a site… if you make it hard for viewers to find you they will 100% walk away for an easier option.

People aren’t lazy, they’re just growing more accustomed to faster, easier, and cheaper services without compromising on quality.


That brings us nicely to cost.

Our Facebook User Group has chats about this especially coming up to holiday seasons when everyone wants special videos commissioned.

Based on these chats it looks as if people price a single animation at between $50-100, and some a little more for Live Action.

However, we want you to remember you are positioned as a VIDEO AGENCY now, and we would always advise to create videos entirely for a client featuring the most appropriate templates.

Most people will want this. Making full videos commands a bigger price tag, and takes you to a new level of professionalism.

You can then price yourself HOURLY. Much better margins!


So you have your rough pricing worked out, and you have your demos and showreels to demonstrate your product to your audience.

Now you need to shout these from the rooftops, but not in any old direction, oh no.

You can put all the wind you want behind the sails of your ship, but if it’s not on course to your destination you won’t be getting there anytime soon!

You can look up some extra tips for social media video sharing in our Social Media Optimisation Guide which covers things like paid spend and costing for adverts.

If you have a Facebook or Instagram page for your template store (which I highly recommend) then you need to be able to grow this.

Adding links to your social media via mail shots (emails to your clients / potential clients), giving discount to those who follow your page, and running competitions to win prizes will all help to speed up your page growth.

You should always be GIVING to your audience before you expect them to buy from you – and I’m not talking about necessarily giving away product here.

Giving away KNOWLEDGE is an even more valuable freebie, and cements you as a thought leader and therefore being trustworthy in your industry.

Give little insights into how video can improve their online presence, how long videos should be, even tips to getting the most out of where they post their videos.

This makes them want your product even more – you’re giving them great facts and showing the value of what you offer.


You’ve made it through the 6 Steps unscathed, and bubbling with anticipation I hope!

I would suggest you book mark this page on your web browser, so you can attack each step one by one without losing your place.

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Till next time!

  • Charles Davis

    Great article…I started using Viddyoze thinking I would sell animations. I saw an opportunity and now I run my own design agency. When people see the videos I create they want one for their business or organization.

    • Becca Jaye Sharples

      That’s such great news Charles!

  • Ed Montez

    Great tips! I just finished my website but I’m not sure if I did too much or too little. Getting my business name out there was a huge question I have, I don’t want to spam anyone, its hard for me to get out meeting face to face (disabled) so I’ll try the steps you covered above. Here’s my site take a look let me know what I might need to change or add.

The end