By Becca Jaye Sharples on 20th October 2017

Vid Summit 2017

Well what a crazy few weeks?!

For those of you who don’t know, we packed the team up and shipped ourselves off to L.A last week for the hotly anticipated Vid Summit event in stunning L.A.

It. Was. Crazy.

If you haven’t already seen our Vlog GO GO GO and watch immediately by clicking here!

We wanted to let you know what we got from the whole shebang, other than total despair when we realised we can’t get corn dogs back in the uk D:


SO, who did we meet?

Let’s start with the epic influencer list that made up a proportion of the attendees, seriously the line up was mind blowing… Not to mention those who were also speaking at the event.

We got to meet some major influencers on Youtube. Influencers with over 500k subscribers, and in some cases over 1m subscribers.

These guys have video content NAILED.

What’s great about influencers is when they attend events they (99% of the time) aren’t there to sell you anything! Which means you get good old fashioned chats with no hidden agendas.

Next time you get yourself to an event, I highly recommend you meet as many influencers as you can.

Showcasing Viddyoze

We’re always happy to show off what we can do, it’s the fun of a company like Viddyoze that we genuinely love what we do. (And we love you guys too!)

Not only did we get to showcase what Viddyoze does, but we also had a lot of amazing feedback from video creators on the ease and professionalism of the app and templates.

And some of you guys were there!

If you ever see us, come straight up and tell us you’re a user, we love to put faces to names. And maybe we can answer a burning question for you?!

Amazing Talks

The talks.

You honestly cannot attend these kind of events and not make the most of the speakers.

Viddyoze team were lucky enough to catch some of the RED HOT talks including the man himself, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Talking at the event Gary said:

“If you’re smart enough and aware enough to even be here today, you are already ahead of 99% of the players in society today” – Gary V

@garyvee INSTAGRAM

Shaun McBride was also a big highlight.

Moving his Snapchat audience to YouTube, Shaun has grown his YouTube to over 1.1 million subscribers in the last year. (He’s basically a big deal.)

@Shonduras INSTAGRAM

Personally, the team really enjoyed The Bucket List Family.

Selling everything they owned to travel the world and become better people, tech family the Gee’s live the dream – literally.

@thebucketlistfamily INSTAGRAM

And The Future…?

We’re big dreamers here at Viddyoze, but more than that we’re DOERS.

We dream a dream, make a plan, buckle up, and ultimately DO THE THING.

The team took the time to use this year’s Vid Summit to discuss and dream of where we could possibly go next, and with who.

Despite the busy schedules of speakers and eating cool American food, we managed to discuss potential partnerships with some of the biggest content creation influencers on Youtube.

Watch this space.

Web Summit 2017

We are so not done for this year – oh no siree.

On November 6th we travel to Lisbon where Web Summit will host it’s 2017 event, and we’ll be covering the entire thing for you guys and the wider web.

As the events sponsors, we’ll be making lots of video content throughout the 4 days, and of course showing you some more insight into us as a team too.

Are you coming? HIT US UP.

Seriously send me an email at and we’ll arrange to meet up!

Not sure what it is? But you’re interested now because you’ll see our glowing faces?

Thought so, info is here:

Till next time Viddyozers!

The end