By Becca Jaye Sharples on 26th September 2017

Your Viddyoze Account At Home – A Gift For Everyone

Here at Viddyoze, we’re pretty much massive teddy bears.

Such soft touches in fact, we’ve decided to put together a guide to slightly more alternative uses for our templates and animations. More specifically, gifts.

Awhh. Yep, big balls of kittens, that’s us! We do have our moments!

But honestly, this has been inspired by you guys, our extended Viddyoze family. We’ve seen some great examples using family photos and personalized text overlays that have melted even the iciest of hearts here at HQ.

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So, what are our top suggestions?

Wedding Gifts:

Can you hear wedding bells? Well one of our designers has just walked down the aisle, (guess what you’re getting buddy ;D ) so we thought best to start here.

Best Man, father of the bride and Maid of Honour speeches are hugely trending video content right now, the pressure is on to go viral as the most tech savvy family member gets out a camera to record what they hope will be the most hilarious part of the day.

Gather all those university and college pictures, yep even that one. Scour their family home for baby pictures and prom outfit nightmares.

We think a video collage of memories is just down pretty much everyone street. Include a sharp intro and outro, some text across with dates and locations, and maybe even some overlay movie effects for extra drama. Also great for anniversaries as well as embarrassing the groom!

Virtual Scrapbooks:

Where did scrapbooking go? I recently visited the parents at home, and they ceremoniously whipped out the family albums that they made when they were in their 20’s. A lost art! Or is it…

We have our own generation of scrapbooks and family albums, it’s called social media. That snuck up on us all about as quick as digital cameras.

Thankfully for you guys, avoiding the queue in the photo shop and saving money on leather bound albums is all possible with our virtual versions!

So many great templates within Viddyoze lend themselves to housing your precious photographs. From framed wall art and gallery walk rounds, to phone screens and photo albums with up to 3 page turns.

Get sticking! I mean, clicking!

Birthday Messages:

It’s very rare we keep a card these days, in fact we barely reply when someone writes ‘Happy Birthday!’ on our Facebook walls. Because why would you? You’re drowned in generic celebratory messages that seem more of a polite nod to someone who haven’t spoken to since middle school.

For those big birthdays, or to someone who really counts, why not send them a visually mind blowing HURRAH to an extra year in their life.

It’s again time for those baby pictures to make an appearance. Someone’s 21st? I have the perfect frame template to pop that potty training pic into.

And unlike those paper based cards, this one can live on the internet, FOREVER.

Family Abroad:

If anyone has family abroad, like I do, they know it can be hard work staying in touch sometimes. And even when you are in touch, you feel like you’re missing out on some big moments.

Sending a monthly ‘postcard’ via a video could make someone’s day (once a month!) and let them feel like they never even left. Gush.

Also have you ever had a younger family member move away, like all my cousins are still 12 years old to me. Except they aren’t and they’re all married now. This is good to keep up with that growth instead of a sudden heart attack at a reunion.

Baby Announcements:

So you’re having a video…

So sweet, and sometimes if we’re prepared enough you can set up a little camera to let our other halves know the good news! GREAT content, and one that needs a decent intro animation amiright.

But seriously, often to share the good news to everyone else we email and post baby scans online, personalising a video with this message is truly a keepsake – especially to those who can’t be there in person when the news breaks.

With the option to customise colours on many animations, you could even sneakily reveal if it’s a boy or girl!


Welcome to the section where I fantasize and plan my proposal. It involves a puppy, a ring attached to his collar, and a camera filming every adorable second. (Babe, if you’re reading this I’m also not adverse to a beach proposal y’know).

Proposing either via video message, or an on camera stunt has been taking off in recent years. Whether flashdancers while you ride in the boot of a car is your thing, or a treasure hunt around the world… be sure to get it on film!

There could be so many beautiful ways to include little memories in text overlays, stunning movie effects for THE moment, even an outro with that special question!

There aren’t many better ways to show people you care, than hand crafting a gift. But it doesn’t all need to be glitter and glue guns.

Make something that lasts forever and looks professional – and let Viddyoze be your guiding star to gifts.

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