By Becca Jaye Sharples on 19th September 2017

Video Optimisation For Social Media – Making The Most Of Your Content

Welcome to those dreadfully muddy waters of all things social media.

Fear not! We have done the digging on the internet for you, and we’ve brought it to you in this handy guide. Buckle up space cowboys, we’re entering the strange and mysterious world of SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.

How Long Should Our Videos Be?

First up, we’re looking at how long our videos should be on social media. This differs per platform and has a lot to do with what each one counts as a ‘view’.

Seated underneath most videos you’ll often see a ‘view count’ which can be confusing and misleading as someone who has ‘viewed’ your video may have only seen the first 3 seconds.

Below is a video I whipped up for you all using some of our dynamic templates – this covers timings and view count lengths for a selection of platforms.

Best Platforms For Video:

The simple answer here is that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ platform, it really does depend on your needs as a video creator. Let’s take a look at what we feel the top three platforms are along with pointers on which would suit your needs best.


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so if people are looking for something specific they’re probably going to search for it here.

This means YouTube is generally for recreation over purchasing. How many times have you searched the platform for someone to sell to you? Basically never? Exactly!

You need to frame your content as something enjoyable or helpful to watch, and if that happens to help sell then you’ve nailed YouTube video content.


It’s about storytelling! In essence we want to be grabbed and then informed by Youtube content, your content could include:

  • Influencers and bloggers
  • Collaborations with other people / brands
  • Tutorials and how to’s
  • Regular content

Creating regular content builds up a portfolio or gallery of videos – which means people are likely to return to your page for new content and updates.


SnapChat’s instantaneous nature means both you and your content needs to be quick!

Don’t lose sight of this platform, it commands the viewer’s attention by taking up their entire screen when viewing a video. Very powerful!

This platform is actually good for targeting most ages. It holds a strong youth user base of 13 – 25 year olds however the fastest growing audience bracket past that is 25-35 year olds.


In the age of ever increasing FOMO (fear of missing out) brands are using SnapChat for behind the scenes and sneak preview content. Some ideas to get you going are:

  • Behind the scenes at events and conferences
  • More natural office updates (new staff etc)
  • Personal shout outs and putting a face to a brand
  • Expressing personality through short interviews
  • Showing special offers and updates

Really this platform is about EXCLUSIVITY and making the viewer feel like they’re looking at something extra that is reserved for a smaller or special audience. It’s a way to add a more human element to your business or products.


With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is HUMONGOUS.

Massive, scary, deep dark depth of social. No it isn’t don’t worry! In fact it’s easier than you think. Think of Facebook as the best platform to achieve click throughs and reactions.

1 in 5 page views in the U.S  happen on Facebook, which means it’s not just about content that gains engagement. It’s proven that this kind of great video content can lead to cold hard sales on your websites.


It’s a softer sell than you think. You can afford to be both salesy and fun at the same time.

It’s mostly about ENGAGEMENT, so you’re looking to create content that takes hold of a user and shows them some OOMPH and this includes:

  • Adverts
  • Sales videos and elevation pitches
  • Viral content and emotional campaigns
  • Humourous content
  • Informative and snappy snippets

We’re looking mostly to grab attention of targeted audiences, and making sure they can’t leave your post without being empowered to react with either likes, shares, comments or purchasing.

Putting Spend Behind Your Facebook Video:

So you’ve nailed platform, what content type, and how long it should be. Now how do we make sure people see it?

With an estimated Facebook ad spend of in excess of 12.5 BILLION dollars in the U.S for 2018, this is big business. But how much of that will be wasted by wrongly placed spend?

You first need to ensure you have a good understanding of budget, and how much bang for your buck you’ll be getting. Start small, and work up when you feel more confident so you aren’t throwing spend out the window.

Last year it was reported around $200 – $350 spend per day was average. However, starting at a $5 budget is perfectly acceptable. It’s often where it’s heading, as opposed to the wind in it’s sails to start with.

Audience Targeting:

Speaking of ‘where it’s heading’ – when looking at Facebook it has lots of free and handy tools that mean your adverts can be tailored. This means you can choose who sees your ad, and what it’s purpose is.

For example, have a think about why this advert is happening – are you looking for people to hear about you? Buy a specific product? Engage with your content? Nail this first within the ad maker tools on the platform.

And you know your audience analytics? Great! Let’s enter that too, their age, location, interests, job titles… anything that is relevant for targeting.

If you wish to appeal to someone other than your current audience and buyers, not a problem. Simply tailor the content and the ad to this new demographic.

Use Of Text On Screen:

Your audience plan is looking pretty good now eh? Very impressive.

But oh goodness your users are on the train… or in a car… or in the office (naughty) and they either can’t open your video to hear the audio, or they simply don’t want to because of their environment.

Subtitles. Subtitles are your best friend. Long gone are the days where we associate it with our grandparents and a not so functioning hearing aid trying to catch the news on TV. It’s about being able to take in all the information without having to create an intrusive environment for those around us.

Keep them in time with your audio and visuals, and make sure they’re visible and legible on a phone screen (smaller than desktop!).

Adding subtitles can be done in your editing software with simple text overlays – there’s lots of options here so have a play around with some guides online as they are fairly simple (even I can do it and I only learnt what a HDMI cable was this week).

Picture the scene.

Your video starts with an interview, out of context and with no clear labelling – no one will watch or click if they think it isn’t relevant.

A clear logo stinger and intro immediately lets a viewer at a glance see what they’re about to watch. If this is professional and impressive they will stay for the rest!

Thankfully we have so so many templates that you can customize to work for your brand. We never want you to log on and think “there’s nothing for me here” because I PROMISE you there will be.

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